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Equabotz Have Emerged!

Equabotz is a collection of up to 11,000 (currently only 1,100) unique Equabotz NFTs and are digital collectibles with utility which live on the Polygon blockchain.

Your Equabotz utility is your EquaDAO membership access, members-only benefits, and exclusive access to additional Equa collections. Future areas and perks can be unlocked by the community through EquaDAO.

All Equabotz (EQBZ) are hosted on IPFS.

NFTs for Good

Part of our vision is giving back to the community through various charity contributions. 

Our featured charity is Bringing Music to Life.

20% of every Equabotz sold will go directly to the charity.

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BUT, do you have a comic book?

We do, and you do! We put our comic together by having the Equabotz vote on each comic panel. We started it, but the Equanauts will finish it!
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Choose the name Equabotz.
Start the comic book. We have the beginning, but only the Equanauts can know the end.
Build the first Equabotz. The first Equabotz are here and looking for a home.
Launch 11,000 Equabotz in the first Equanauts collection. 1,000 Equabotz will be held back for the team and airdrops.
Build the factory. The factory is the EquaDAO and wants your vote.
Airdrop Equa Cash to all NFT owners
Build the warehouse - this one was easy, because our Equanauts are building it together
Get the designers the tools to build
Build the toolbox for content stashing

Meet the Team


Equa Boss can’t be found anywhere, so we aren’t sure there really is one.

Finance Guy

Equa finance guy doesn’t think anyone should know anything, and invented the idea for stashing secret content inside Equabotz.

Sales Lady

Equa Sales lady is always in a bad mood, and won’t smile unless she is looking at her Equabotz collection. She’s never sold anything either.

Marketing Lady

Equa Boss can’t be found anywhere, so we aren’t sure there really is one.

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